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May 16, 2012
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You are sitting in a warm kotatsu, waiting for the winter to go by. Nothing beats relaxing in the warm stove table as the cold winter storm howls outside your quiet shelter. As you are dozing off from the warmth and quietness, a sudden urge to read manga and peel oranges awoke you. Of course! How can you enjoy the feeling of kotatsu warming without reading manga and peeling oranges? Without caring about the winter storms outside, you grabbed your coats, mittens, hat and whatever clothing that could keep you from freezing and headed out to the nearest convenience store.

With a plastic bag of oranges in your left hand, as well as a couple packets of green tea, you headed for the manga section, browsing and searching through the many dozens of titles available. You just can't decide which volume to take! After moments of consideration you grabbed 5 volumes of the newest released romance mangas and went to the cash register.

"Oh _______-san! What a coincidence seeing you here!" a familiar voice shouted your name as you were handing the money to the cashier. You turned around to find the voice belonged to Honda Kiku, who was also at the convenience store to buy oranges and manga.

You blushed slightly at the sight of Kiku, whom you had a long time crush on, and lives a few blocks from yours. You were desk mates with Kiku during high school and many times attempted to confess your feelings to him, which existed since then. However, even on Valentine's Day you still did not muster the courage to walk up to him and say "I like you Honda-kun", and not surprisingly Kiku received piles of chocolates from girls of your class, girls from other classes, as well as girls from other schools. Let's just say Kiku always had that glistening aura around him which is like a magnet that attracts girls' hearts. And it's still a mystery how he finished his one-year supply worth of chocolates. And it's also still a mystery why he's single.

Even after years of graduation, you did not forget about Kiku and how you wanted to confess to him. Just once.

As Kiku paid for the mangas and oranges, you stared with admiration to his face, the glistening aura still around him. He never seems to change at all. You and Kiku headed out of the convenience store, walking home together in the snow, which had calmed down into light snowfall. Your heart was beating wildly as Kiku walked beside you and you felt your whole body burning up, no longer feeling the cold you're supposed to feel from the snow.

"Its been years hasn't it, _______-san?" Kiku started the conversation.

"Ah y-yea, it has. H-how are you H-Honda-kun? Y-you haven't changed at all." You stuttered nervously, gripping your plastic bag of oranges tightly.

"I've been fine lately. And you haven't change at all too" Kiku smiled warmly. You noticed you and Kiku were the only people walking in the white snow-filled streets, with the closed shops around them.

Come on, think of something nice to say, you thought to yourself, as you walked on with Kiku. The snow was thick and it was hard to keep balance. You felt your feet slip and you fell backwards. However, before your head could hit the icy ground, you felt a warm hand grabbing to your arm, which kept you from falling. As Kiku timely saved you from your fall, your face became dark red with embarrassment. You raised your head and looked at Kiku. Suddenly you were looking into Kiku's eyes and he was looking into yours. You noticed that he blushed a little before pulling you up on your feet again.

Silently and awkwardly, you and Kiku could not think of anything to say to each other as both of you walked on, getting closer and closer to your house. You were hoping this precious alone moment with Kiku would last longer, but at the same time was hoping the awkwardness would end quickly.

At the doorstep of your house, you tried to say one last sentence before parting with Kiku. The sentence you had wanted to say since you first fell for him.

"Honda-kun, I-I-I LIKE YOU!" You confessed with a blushed face looking down.

"_______san, I-I-I LIKE YOU!" Kiku confessed too at the exact same time as you, also looking down.

Both of you looked up at each other's faces. You noticed that Kiku was blushing too. A moment of silence.

"_______-san, I've wanted to say this to you ever since high school, back when we were desk mates, but I've never got enough courage to say it. Ever since we graduated I've always remembered you and wanted to see you. Even though we live this close to each other I dared not confess for fear of rejection." Kiku expressed to you, with high speed.

"M-me too, Honda-kun" You replied.

This must be fate, you thought, as you tried to make out whether what's happening now is real or just a dream. This must really be fate.

Years of waiting, and years of remaining single, you finally confessed to your crush and your crush confessed to you. As you stood out at the door of your house, you were reluctant to go in and break this blissful moment. The snow was falling lightly, hitting your head and shoulders, but all you felt, was the falling of neon pink romantic sakura as you embraced this new feeling.
my first fanfic :D enjoy~

i do not own the pic : [link]
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"It's still a mystery how he finished his one-year supply of chocolates"
Japan: America-kun, do you want some of th-
America: FOOD!
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